GRIDI is the brain child of music producer and maker Yuvi Gerstein. His main idea was to translate the methodology of composing electronic music inside a computer software, into an interactive physical installation.

Since its debut on August 6th, 2015, it has received reviews and articles from leading technology websites, such as Business Insider,
Make, Arduino, Cycling 74, Ask Audio, and many others (Have a look at our links document).

GRIDI has become viral on social media (most prominently on Facebook) following the release of the Billie Jean tribute composed on GRIDI, it has gained over to 45 million views on various media outlets; Fubiz and Decoded Magazine, The Lad Bible and many others.

The media’s attention and viral success had sent Gerstein on a journey to further develop the instrument as an interactive installation, which could travel anywhere in the world and inspire people to make music. It was 2017 when a new and improved version of GRIDI was ready. Since then it has been making appearances at events, festivals and museums around the world.

GRIDI could also have a role in music education, as a tool for learning musical concepts in a non threatening, intriguing way. Gerstein and his team are working on that and if you’d like to hear more please subscribe to our newsletter or drop us a line, we’d be happy to hear from you.